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You got questions, we have answers! Below are the most frequently asked questions.

As-built drawings are sometimes produced in-house by design professionals but many have found that they must charge more than an outside service to cover their overhead and profit. Therefore, it is to their client’s benefit when an outside sevice is used. Once the design professinal has the requested as-built drawings, they can charge ahead with their work and only need to make occaisional verifications of site conditions as critical conditions are identified.

We use some of the latest tools and technology available to increase the accuracy of our work which includes: - Laser measuring device made by Leica with an integrated camera for long distance measurements and bluetooth capabilities to allow instant transfer of information. - Digital level made by Smart Tool for roof pitch and vaulted ceilings - Digital angle finder made by Bosch for angled walls - Zip Level for cost effective yet very useful spot elevations - Autocad is used to draw all drawings. Our drawings are typically provided in 2D format. We use a basic layering system which can be converted to your office standard. When appropriate, we use a mobile laptop cart on-site which allows for immediate drafting of the site conditions. This results in greater accuracy and more timely turn-around times. Our photographs range from detailed to panoramics to provide a better understanding of the site at a glance. It should be noted that we do not use any civil survey equipment nor is our work performed by a civil engineer. It is recommended that if the property line locations or other factors are critical then a civil engineer should be retained to perform a site survey.

We state that our measurements are highly accurate. As mentioned under the question “HOW DO YOU PERFORM YOUR WORK” we use a range of some of the latest tools and technology available and have been doing so for many years. However, there are certain circumstances which can hinder the quality of the results such as inaccessible areas, high-pile storage, retail displays, ill-performed construction, etc. It It is always recommended that critical dimenions and conditions be verified prior to construction, fabrication, product order placement, making key decisions, etc. For our work, it is helpful to know which areas are being considered for design alterations in advance in order to place extra focus on that area. An example is that while a Framing Section will show typical sizes and spacing of framing members and foundation type, if it is known where an addition is planned, an on-site study can be made of the existing construction in that area.

For commercial buildings we refer to BOMA and their standards for measuring. We do provide square footage calculations based on the BOMA standards but have found them to be lacking in providing fair solutions to all conditions nor an intuitive method of achieving standard results, therefore, we do not make any promises or claims of providing calculated square footages which would match the measurements and calculations of another party. What we strive to provide is a product which indicates how the building or space was measured and how the square footage was determined.

Follow the link to the FORMS page and select the form that best matches the work you need performed. Fill out the form and forward it to us or provide the information in any other format you wish. We will then provide a detailed proposal indicating the exact scope of work which can be reviewed and revised as necessary.

Yesterday is usually when the work is needed. We recognize that. Although we cannot do that and also cannot guarantee a turn-around time due to a constant flex in demand, we will always be forthcoming about our current schedule. We opperate on a first-come first-served basis with the really good part being that when it is your turn, with our mobile office and on-site drafting capabilities or use of our on-demand draftspersons and current data transfer technologies, we focus on your work until it is completed. For small to modest size jobs, it is often the next day after the site work is performed.

The most important thing is to work with us to ensure that kids and pets are not incovenienced. Although we will take care in this regard, we will be very focused on our work and will rely on you to ultimately take responsibility. We will also rely on you to provide access to all areas as required to perform the work. This includes closets, mechanical rooms, attics, under-floor access. If we determine an area to be unaccessible or unsafe in any way, we will omit it from our scope of work. Everything possible should be done to avoid necessitating a return visit and incurring fees required to cover the added expenses.

The most important thing is to ensure that there is access to all areas as required to perform the work. This includes tenant spaces, common areas, janitor’s closets, mechanical rooms, etc. Everything possible should be done to avoid necessitating a return visit and incurring fees required to cover the added expenses. If someone will not be at the site to ensure access, contact information for someone who can be there if necessary is recommended. Regarding accessing tenant spaces, it is helpful to have the following: - A letter or work order from the landlord/owner/manager authorizing As-Builts Delivered to access all areas of the building. - A list of the units and the name and telephone number of the tenant authorizing the access to their space. Also, it helps to know if they have a preferred time-window for accessing their space or any other requirements. - Banks and other financial institutions have the most restrictive requirements. Authorization letters and work orders as well as a specific work schedule is a requirement.

Delivery of our products (CAD drawing files, PDF plot files, photographs) are forwarded through Dropbox, a cloud based storage utility with file sharing capabilities. An email is received with a link to access and download the files without having to sign up for the Dropbox service. These files are guaranteed to be available for at least 60 days but may actually be available for years. We also provide an option of a mailed CD for a nominal fee.

If at any time our clients are not satisfied with our work, we offer a full or partial refund as requested by our clients. AS-BUILTS DELIVERED always strives to provide our clients with a high quality, useful product whether it is for architectural, design or real estate leasing purposes. However, we recognize that there are often limitations to the ability to provide a high level of accuracy including but not limited to physical restrictions or other difficult situations at the site, failure of equipment, missed or misread diminsional information or other human error, misinterpretation of BOMA requirements. Therefore, we provide a money back guarentee on all of our services which constitutes the extent of liabilities we offer on our work. If Error & Omissions insurance, bonding or other insurance is requested or required by our clients prior to performing the work, a fee quote is provided.

Our drawings are considered a starting point for architects and other design professionals. Do we actually xray a structure? No. Do we provide information on what is in the walls? No.

Our work is not performed nor reviewed by a civil engineer. As-Builts Delivered understands that there are circumstances where the expertise and use of superior equipment of a civil engineer is necessary for such reasons as to properly define property boundaries; locate structures; re-grade a site; engineer and construct retaining walls or other structures; and provide proper drainage in order to prevent these and other construction related issues from becoming hazardous or litigious situations. For that reason, As-Builts Delivered does not offer it's service of spot elevations, contouring information or any other service for the purposes described above. The information we provide is for the purpose of determining location, type and speicies for plants and trees and location and type of non-structural hardscaping and other non-structural or potential hazardous features. If a civil engineer is required for any reason, we are happy to provide contact information from a list of licensed civil engineers who provide such services.

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