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Our Guarantee

If at any time our clients are not satisfied with our work, we offer a full or partial refund as requested by our clients. AS-BUILTS DELIVERED always strives to provide our clients with a high quality, useful product whether it is for architectural, design or real estate leasing purposes. However, we recognize that there are often limitations to the ability to provide a high level of accuracy including but not limited to physical restrictions or other difficult situations at the site, failure of equipment, missed or misread diminsional information or other human error, misinterpretation of BOMA requirements. Therefore, we provide a money back guarentee on all of our services which constitutes the extent of liabilities we offer on our work. If Error & Omissions insurance, bonding or other insurance is requested or required by our clients prior to performing the work, a fee quote is provided.

Our work is not performed nor reviewed by a civil engineer. As-Builts Delivered understands that there are circumstances where the expertise and use of superior equipment of a civil engineer is necessary for such reasons as to properly define property boundaries; locate structures; re-grade a site; engineer and construct retaining walls or other structures; and provide proper drainage in order to prevent these and other construction related issues from becoming hazardous or litigious situations. For that reason, As-Builts Delivered does not offer it's service of spot elevations, contouring information or any other service for the purposes described above. The information we provide is for the purpose of determining location, type and speicies for plants and trees and location and type of non-structural hardscaping and other non-structural or potential hazardous features. If a civil engineer is required for any reason, we are happy to provide contact information from a list of licensed civil engineers who provide such services.